We started our service as a direct result of a tragically failed referral we received back in 2009. A close family member sought Medical Cannabis as a last hope in her valiant battle against Stage 4 breast cancer. We'd researched the internet and selected a service that touted remarkable success in this treatment. After the initial investment of $6000 in cash, we were given vague dosing instructions and left to determine how to apply the black tar that was encapsulated in a large animal syringe. We made several requests to receive any help in dosing, only to be turned away from "bothering".  At a loss for time, the cancer had metastasized. We realized that we had received inaccurate information, that may have caused the cancer to metastasize. A valued life was sacrificed but not without merit as our years research concluded that Medical Cannabis can provide sustainable and positive attributes in healing. Thus, Elite Care California was born... ​​

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​​Our goal is to prevent others from falling into a failed practice with medical cannabis. With Elite Care California our focus is to provide a personal healing plan for our patients facing painful, debilitating and chronic conditions. Our goal is to minimize the risks involved and it is our goal to share the safest, highest performance grade medicines that are 3rd party tested, with instructions for proper dosing and efficacy. We are proud to present products that exceed the ELITE CARE CALIFORNIA STANDARDS. Our patient care is unparalleled. As more studies reveal how Medical Cannabis is creating revolutionary changes in the way we view and apply its attributable healing properties.​ We wholeheartedly believe that cannabis is a true healer for our bodies. We thank you for the consideration to serve you.

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We are committed to our patients well being and cannabis healing therapies. We believe that cannabis' future, as a defined healing plant, will find itself, as a "must have" medicine. We invite you to  join the Elite Care California collective and allow our consultants to meet with you to discuss a healthier Cannabis medicinal plan. If Cannabis Medicinal Therapy is an option for your treatment, the compassionate, caring and professional team at Elite Care California will be here for you. ​Your progress will be followed with the most discreet practices and consideration.​ Your health and safety is of extreme importance to our work. Elite Care California operates in accordance with Proposition 215, The Compassionate Use Act of 1996, all state laws and guidelines as required by the State of California. 


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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Elite Care California is a Premiere Full Service Medical Cannabis Delivery. We offer aggressive, moderate, palliative and curative care. Care that is "highly patient focused" and we strictly adhere to the HIPAA Privacy Rules. We suggest Medical Cannabis Medicines based onyour specific condition.Our delivery team has over 45 years experience with Cannabis and we constantly review the "best, safest and most efficient practices in Cannabis medicines today". Presently, our focus is providing consultative, customized Cannabis treatments and services in the Central Coast, Central Valley, with appointments considered for California patients, outside of our present region. Consultations are provided by pre-scheduled appointments and we are only permitted to provide the actual Cannabis Medicines to California patients with recommendations.​ ​If you are in need of a Medical Cannabis Recommendation, we offer a professional, discreet, and private session via HELLOMD, found in our Benefits Tab.

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​Some of the Chronic conditions we've treated; Fibromyalgia,Chronic Pain, Nausea, Migraines, Seizures, IBS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cachexia, Crohns, Diverticulitis, MS, Ganglion Cysts, Lung Cancer, Asthma, Palliative Care and everyday pains from Migraines, Stress, Depression, Bruising, General Healing from Cuts, and MORE...Our Cannabis medicines include; topicals, ointments, medical grade vape oils, capsules, film strips, edibles, suppositories, concentrated oils, and Medical Grade Cannabis flowers.​ Our consultation practices include ongoing discussion with you, your family and loved ones, and your medical practitioners. Our knowledgeable and case management team will confer with your Oncologists, GP, Surgeon, Chiropractor or any pain management professional, per your request.


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