​In 2009 a close family member sought help in her valiant battle against Stage 4 breast cancer. At the time the internet was our best resource. We were directed to a business in the bay area, that touted remarkable success in curing chronically ill patients, with a 98% success ratio. Reluctantly we paid the initial investment of $6000 in cash and afterwards felt like we were "scammed". At a loss for time, we returned to western medicine, and given bleak hope. The cancer had metastasized, the battle was over.This horribly painstaking situation made us realize that this cannot be the standard of cannabis care in California, we and every other medical cannabis patient DESERVED BETTER, SAFER, MORE COMPASSIONATE CARE. 

Prior to our launch date September 2014, we applied our former success in research, new product launch strategies and our closely managed work with Fortune 500 companies and the medical industry. We took great measures in reviewing, testing, sampling, researching thousands of  products, each time raising our standards as the medical cannabis movement emerged.. 

Our founders, two women, took their approach to market; offering customized plant medicine treatments for moderate, aggressive and palliative Medical Cannabis patients, maintaining a "highly patient focused" service style and strictly adhering to the PHI/HIPAA Privacy Rules.

To this day, we have not allowed our high standards to be compromised, rather we maintain the strictest policies and outsource only the top 1% of the purest, safest and tested Cannabis plant medicine in California.

Our goal is to prevent others from falling into a failed practice with medical cannabis. It is NOT A ONE SIZE FITS ALL. With Elite Care California our focus is to provide a personal healing plan for our patients facing painful, debilitating and chronic conditions. Our goal is to minimize the risks involved and  share the safest, highest performance grade medicines that are 3rd party tested, with instructions for proper dosing and efficacy. Our patient care is unparalleled. Our research is constant, as more studies reveal how valuable this plant, Medical Cannabis is. And its changing the way we view science. We believe that cannabis is THE EARTH'S safest, true healer. 


​​We are committed to our patients well being and cannabis healing therapies. We believe cannabis' future, as a defined healing plant, will find itself, as a "must have" medicine in every home. We invite you to  join the Elite Care California collective and allow our consultants help you plan a program best suited for your needs and goals. ​Your progress will be followed with the most discreet practices and consideration.​ Your health and safety is of extreme importance to our work. Elite Care California operates in accordance with Proposition 215, The Compassionate Use Act of 1996, all state laws and guidelines as regulated by our local city ordinance and State of California Bureau of Cannabis Control.